how to create a sticky footer to accomodate dynamic content?

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Re: how to create a sticky footer to accomodate dynamic cont

Post by giosafat » Thu Aug 02, 2012 6:03 pm

would appreciate if you could create a little workshop kind of thing especially dealing with snippetmaster
Here I talk about integration of snippetmaster:
Once installed (see instruction in snippetmaster site), in DFM is sufficient to add the following tags before and after the editable text:
<!-- #BeginSnippet name="name" --> your yext <!-- #EndSnippet -->
and the text is editable in the backend. The use in dfm is the same as any html website.
More powerful is FusionNews, that let you create new contents divided by categories (in the official site there's the user guide) or, as Rommel suggested, "WebsYep". But there are a lot of external scripts to edit html content from the backend, the only problem is having the auto-fit page to accomodate dynamic content, as Rommel (and me) asked avoiding the use of internal scrollbars. :cry:

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Re: how to create a sticky footer to accomodate dynamic cont

Post by reuterr » Fri Aug 03, 2012 8:53 am

Ciao Giorgio,
thanks for the reply. I think I'm gonna check out "FusionNews" one of these days....
Joerg - as I see it, also because of the last post by new user ibm2100 - is probably going to be VERY busy soon....
I think it's time for him to creating a "Pro-Version" of DFM2HTML. The entire program right now is based on and created with DFM2HTML itself - which is quite amazing I think - (to me it seems like: what has been earlier, hen or egg?) so there might be limits for further developments.
Looking forward to whatever happens.

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