This template uses a frame layout, the scrollable container is object Page6. The height of the rounded yellow outer rectangle, Panel1, adjusts to the height of the browser window and is horizontally centered (see settings in the Pos. tab → Keep distance constant to). The contained object Page6 adjust its height in the same way.

The menu items are styled by object Link2. The yellow glow effects are set in the Effects tab for the Down state of Link2. When a menu item is in a Down state, it is pushed in front of the other menu items via a z-index value of 1 in the Misc tab.

Another visual menu effect can be achieved by setting the z-index value to -1 (or to 0) instead of 1 for Link2 in the Down state. This variation requires additionally the option Semi-transparent PNG to be selected for Link2 in the Main tab to correctly display the menu items in generated HTML pages. GIF is the default format for generated images, but a GIF image cannot be semi-transparent. So a glowing menu item appearing behind other menu items is not visible in the shadow area of the menu items to the left and to the right side unless shining-through semi-transparent PNG images are used.